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Continuing Business Education

Entrepreneurs don't necessarily need an MBA or even a bachelor's degree in business to be successful. However, some instruction in various business aspects can be helpful. There are many options available such as community college classes and seminars provided by various business resources throughout New York State. Another option for entrepreneurs that require more flexibility is online courses.

Websites like Udemy offer classes, some free, in a variety of topics from Operations Management and Accounting to Copyright Basics and Website Design for Entrepreneurs. Anyone can be an instructor for a course although the website reviews all of them to ensure they meet specified standards for quality. The courses are available whenever and participants can go through at their own pace.

A popular source for online education is Coursera. Classes are free but there is an option to pay for Signature Track versions that provide verified certificates. The courses are from established universities with professors as instructors and tend to be more theoretical and have more rigid timelines. Some relevant classes include Foundations of Business Strategy which starts in September of 2013 and Grow to Greatness: Smart Growth for Private Businesses, Part I which starts in January of 2014.

A third option is Udacity.  It has fewer course offerings than either Udemy or Coursera but all courses are free and flexible. A majority are geared toward computer science such as Web Development and Programming Languages but they also offer a class called How to Build a Startup.