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The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (“Patent Office”) has recently revised the way in which the patent bar examination is administered. In the past, the examination was administered twice a year using examination booklets and multiple-choice grading forms. The Patent Office has now moved to a more frequently administered computer-based examination. This change will make the testing process more efficient and should benefit applicants by permitting faster notification of test results. The computer-based examination will also facilitate more frequent administration and permit the test to be given simultaneously in many locations, thus reducing delays and travel expenses for applicants.

Those who wish to take the exam must fill out an application for registration to practice and file that application with the Office of Enrollment and Discipline ("OED"), which is a division of the United States Patent Office. Given that only those who possess technical training are allowed to sit for the exam, the OED will determine whether the applicant is qualified to sit for the examination. Upon approval, the applicant will be assigned a ninety (90) day time period during which he or she may sit for the examination.

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