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C Speed

Research Summary

Offering product development services to large and small companies worldwide, C Speed is a one-stop shop for complete, turnkey product development. With core strengths in system architecture, electronics (analog and digital) and software engineering, C Speed collaborates with clients’ in-house teams to provide the high-quality industrial design, mechanical design and contract manufacturing services needed to swiftly bring products into optimal form.

With new hires planned for 2010, C Speed currently staffs 30 world-class engineers whose experience spans industries as diverse as consumer electronics, medical products, test and measurement equipment and defense systems. The C Speed team architects the product, develops the analog and digital hardware, develops the embedded software, develops the application software, manages the custom enclosure development and, finally, develops and executes the product testing strategy and infrastructure that is critical for the product launch. As a result, all aspects of the necessary engineering development team, as well as the rapid prototyping and production facilities, are available within the walls of one, high-technology organization—C Speed. More...