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1. What is ChubbyBrain?

ChubbyBrain is the first offering of CB Information Services (CBIS), an information services firm focused on profiling the entrepreneurial economy. They capture and structure information about high-growth private companies, venture capital firms, private equity firms, angel investors, incubators and universities. ChubbyBrain’s goal is to utilize that data and information to develop offerings that meet the needs of investors, entrepreneurs, corporations, service providers and governments.

ChubbyBrain launched their public beta in February 2009 with the profiles of 12,000 companies and 800 investors. Since then, their database has grown to include more than 28,000 companies and 9,500 investors. The firm now offers the largest database of high-value private companies and investor information on the Internet, and it’s accessible for free.

2. How was ChubbyBrain created? What relationships were involved?

In 2007, the ChubbyBrain team managed American Express’ $50M Innovation Fund. Part of this effort sought to understand what types of things innovative, high-growth private companies were doing. It soon became apparent that there was no accurate, cost-effective answer to the common need for structured information on private companies. CBIS aims to fill this gap.

ChubbyBrain is currently housed at NYU-Poly’s 160 Varick Street incubator, developed as part of New York City’s plan to promote innovation through entrepreneurial activity. Other partners in the incubator program include the New York City Economic Development Corporation and the Business Incubator Association of New York State, Inc.

3. Does ChubbyBrain hold any patents or other intellectual property?

ChubbyBrain is currently developing some new capabilities for which it will seek patents.

4. How does ChubbyBrain collect its information?

ChubbyBrain collects its data through two primary means—through mass collaboration and through their own proprietary data extraction technology. They are working to refine and improve both of these methods because each plays a critical role in enhancing their collection of data and information and maximizing value to end-users.

ChubbyBrain will continue to collect information from private companies, venture capital firms, private equity firms, angel investors, incubators and universities and offer all of its data to members for free. Through its ‘Karma model’ of information sharing, the more a user shares, the more he can access.

5. How will ChubbyBrain’s technology impact the marketplace for information?

ChubbyBrain views itself as part of the coming evolution of information services businesses. They marry the rigorous data collection methodologies of the incumbent providers but also leverage crowd-sourcing and newer methods, technologies and social trends. ChubbyBrain is not shy about its processes and technology being better than many of the established players in the field (see ChubbyBrain’s competition). They aim to leverage more optimized methods to offer smarter, faster and friendlier intelligence about the entrepreneurial economy.

6. What are ChubbyBrain’s plans for the future? What’s in the pipeline?

You’ll have to stay tuned. The unifying thread through all of these future offerings will be an extremely data-driven orientation. Whether the offerings impact service investors, entrepreneurs, corporations, service providers or researchers, ChubbyBrain thinks that data, if thoughtfully and appropriately applied, can help everyone to become more efficient and cut through a lot of the noise and clutter that exists today. The ultimate goal is that, in some way, these data-driven offerings will contribute to reducing friction in the entrepreneurial economy.

7. Who is on the ChubbyBrain team?

Anand Sanwal, CEO & Co-Founder
Jonathan Sherry, Co-Founder

8. How did you come up with the name ChubbyBrain?

ChubbyBrain Information Services is a new type of information services company, and they wanted their first product to reflect that. And since smart entrepreneurs and investors are their primary focus, they thought ‘ChubbyBrain’ appropriately describes both of these groups of smart people. Its uniqueness also ensures that people remember them.