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C Speed Provides Engineering Services to Tech Valley and Beyond

Research Summary

Offering product development services to large and small companies worldwide, C Speed is a one-stop shop for complete, turnkey product development. With core strengths in system architecture, electronics (analog and digital) and software engineering, C Speed collaborates with clients’ in-house teams to provide the high-quality industrial design, mechanical design and contract manufacturing services needed to swiftly bring products into optimal form.

With new hires planned for 2010, C Speed currently staffs 30 world-class engineers whose experience spans industries as diverse as consumer electronics, medical products, test and measurement equipment and defense systems. The C Speed team architects the product, develops the analog and digital hardware, develops the embedded software, develops the application software, manages the custom enclosure development and, finally, develops and executes the product testing strategy and infrastructure that is critical for the product launch. As a result, all aspects of the necessary engineering development team, as well as the rapid prototyping and production facilities, are available within the walls of one, high-technology organization—C Speed.

The "back of the napkin" stage is the best time to utilize C Speed's fully integrated product development capabilities; when a client first identifies its product concept or update, C Speed’s senior architects will then brainstorm and define the product requirements and features together with the client.

C Speed actively recruits from local universities like Syracuse University, Rochester Institute of Technology and Clarkson University. Furthermore, C Speed has a very active and robust college internship program, employing a significant number of college students every year.

Current Research Focus

The products that C Speed designs typically involve high-performance analog and digital hardware in the areas of digital acquisition, RF and digital receivers, high-speed data storage, real-time signal and data processing, and real-time data visualization.

According to David A. Lysack, President, “C Speed is actively developing a product line of analog and digital receiver technologies and products that address markets requiring high performance. When these new C Speed products, which will leverage C Speed’s patent-pending data visualization technology, are commercialized, they are expected to revolutionize the defense, medical, and test and measurement markets that they currently occupy.”

Focus Areas

• Product Development
o High-speed data acquisition
o Signal processing
o RF & digital receivers
o Real-time data visualization
• Software Design
o Signal processing
o Communications
o User interfaces and graphical displays
o Embedded development
o Application development
o Driver and API development
• Hardware Design
o High-speed circuit design
o RF and high-bandwidth analog design
o Digital logic design and development for FPGAs and ASICs
o PCB design, schematic capture and layout
• Rapid Prototyping
o Quick-turn PCB design and prototyping
o Production manufacturing

Patents and Disclosures

Currently, C Speed is on the brink of disrupting several industries with patent-pending technology in the area of high-speed data acquisition and data/information visualization. This is one of the most exciting areas in which C Speed has made significant investments over the past few years. Additionally, C Speed enjoys collaboration with numerous high-tech partners and universities and looks forward to continually forming these types of relationships.

The products developed by C Speed for its clients are proprietary; however, C Speed has stated that these clients include Fortune 500 corporations with several of the products developed by C Speed having won numerous awards, including "Best New Product of the Year".

Contact Info

C Speed, LLC
316 Commerce Blvd.
Liverpool, NY 13088
Phone: (315) 453-1043
Fax: (315) 506-6756
Email: info@cspeed.com
Web: cspeed.com