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Jessica Chesher

Managing Editor

Innovation eReview
Industry Tools: Technology Commercialization Clinics

What is technology commercialization? 

New York State invests heavily in university research. Technology commercialization is the process of transforming the result of that research and investment into commercially viable products or processes to create businesses and jobs in the state. 

What do Technology Commercialization Clinics do? 

The journey from university research to established company producing products or processes for sale is complicated and time consuming. Technology Commercialization Clinics (TCCs) facilitate the commercializing process by vetting new research for commercial viability. Selected graduate and law school students, under the guidance of experienced faculty, spend hours conducting analysis on a specific technology for a range of clients, from single person startups to multi-national corporations. This research delves deeply into what the technology does, its potential uses, the current market landscape, and potential legal or regulatory issues. These reports then allow the companies to make informed decisions about whether to continue on the commercialization path, and if so, how to maximize chances of success.

Current TCCN members: Academic programs at New York Universities 

SUNY Binghamton – Entrepreneurship and Innovation Partnerships
Clarkson University – The Shipley Center for Innovation
Niagara University – College of Business Administration
Rochester Institute of Technology – Saunders College of Business
SUNY Stony Brook – Center for Biotechnology
Syracuse University – College of Law

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