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Jessica Chesher

Managing Editor

Innovation eReview
Company Profiles: Shipley Center Startups

The Shipley Center for Innovation at Clarkson University works with a number of startups. Beyond the 12 external projects being managed by the TCC the Center has worked on more than 100 projects since 2010. They have facilitated the launching of multiple student and faculty companies, four of which are highlighted below.

AllergyFinder LLC 

Allergy Finder LLC, was incorporated in New York state in January 2010. The company is led by Ian Ivar Suni, a professor in the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Director of the Materials Science and Engineering PhD program, and assignee of a published patent application for a technology described as a bioelectronic tongue for food allergy detection. The goal of the company is to design and manufacture portable sensor units for consumers and professionals to detect the presence of unexpected food allergens in food products. 

Fly Technologies 

Fly Technologies is headed by former Clarkson student Mark Huber, MS Environmental Science and Engineering. The company is focused on new ideas for personal transportation. Their first product is in production, the FLY 2.0 electric bicycle. According to the patent application filed January 2012, it’s a chainless electric bike that includes a pedal generator allowing either a charge of the battery or partial power of a hub motor, it's also chargeable by connecting it to a standard power supply. According to Huber’s LinkedIn page they’re hoping to have customer models available this fall. 

Blue Sphere Industries 

Blue Sphere Industries is another company developed by a Clarkson student, Daegan A. Gonyer, BS physics and material science and currently studying for a master’s degree in engineering science, an MBA and a Ph.D. in electrochemical physics. The company designs farming equipment based on an experimental NASA prototype to develop the Controlled Environment High-Rise Farm concept. The technique, aeroponics, allows plants to be grown without soil and with very little water. Plant roots are misted at high pressure with the nutrients they need and plants grow 20 percent faster than in soil. 

Pharmacoustics Technologies LLC 

Pharmacoustics Technologies LLC is headed by Çetin Çetinkaya, Professor of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering. Professor Cetinkaya’s research has focused on utilizing non-invasive, non-destructive acoustic techniques to monitor for defects in drug tablets. This is very important as the physical properties and mechanical integrity of the tablets can affect both their therapeutic and structural functions. Pharmacoustics Technologies LLC is working to commercialize a device to acoustically measure the composition of small items initially focused on drug tablets.

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