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Jessica Chesher

Managing Editor

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NYS Events: Building Human Capital to Drive New York's Innovation Economy


Transforming laboratory research into commercial products and services is vital to New York’s future economic growth. Transforming laboratory research involves not only scientists and engineers, but also a host of other professionals, including business managers, marketing specialists, financial analysts, intellectual property attorneys and corporate transaction lawyers. These business and law professionals provide the indispensable professional infrastructure necessary to support an innovation economy. On April 15th, the New York Academy of Sciences and the New York State Science and Technology Law Center are hosting a conference to highlight some of the efforts by academia to to provide this professional infrastructure and provide a forum for those in the industry to discuss their needs.
Many universities in New York are offering academic programs designed to prepare students for careers in NY’s innovation economy. These programs are offered through a variety of different schools, such as business, engineering and law, and are offered under a variety of different names, such as entrepreneurship, emerging enterprises and technology commercialization. This conference will consider in-depth the programs at New York universities which are building the professional infrastructure needed to support NY’s innovation economy.

• How are these programs structured?
• What subject matter do they cover?
• Do they have an experiential learning component?
• What are the expected learning outcomes?

These questions will be explored through a series of panel discussions comprised of faculty and administrators directly responsible for the conduct of these academic programs. In addition, HR officers from technology companies and law firms will discuss suggestions for better preparing students for careers in an innovation economy.

Attendees from academia will have an opportunity to share information, ideas and experiences on education programs to prepare students for careers in an innovation economy. Attendees from industry will have an opportunity to provide input on the future direction of these education programs, and to learn about the many universities in New York from which specially trained students can be recruited. Attendance is free but registration is required.

Monday, April 15, 2013
New York Academy of Sciences
250 Greenwich Street
New York, NY 2013

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